Dragon Clan

The Dragon Clan was founded by the Kami Togashi, the most enigmatic of the Kami.

Togashi and his first followers

After the first appearance of Shinsei after the Tournament of the Kami, Togashi retreated into the mountains of northern Rokugan to live alone. This however did not happen as he was followed by two men, Mirumoto and Agasha. These two became his first followers, and the three together built a temple to Amaterasu and a castle around the temple to protect it. Over the next years Togashi’s followers grew in numbers, those seeking his wisdom took the Togashi name, those showing any skill with the blade were taken in by Mirumoto and trained by him in his niten technique, and those who showed an affinity for the elements were taught by Agasha. The Dragon were secluded, and for the next thousand years they would rarely leave their mountains to interfere with the politics and events of the other clans.

Dragon mountain pass

Dragon lands were dominated by the Great Wall of the North mountains, the pathways through the mountains almost like a maze. Dragon lands to the south begin with the lowlands of the Mirumoto Provinces. Mostly hills and meadows, they contain all of the clan’s farms and businesses. The lands culminate in Shiro Mirumoto to the north at the foot of the Great Wall of the North, where all business with the outside world is conducted. Next are the Kitsuki Provinces, also known as the Gateway to the Wall, which contain the smallest peaks of the Great Wall, with several twisting valleys which can easily confuse visitors. There are a few mining towns and shepherding villages, but overall it is sparsely populated. To the north of the provinces lies Shiro Kitsuki, the home of the diplomatic core of the Dragon Clan. Next are the Tamori Provinces, also known as the Twisting Labyrinth, which are where the truly isolated parts of Dragon lands begin. There are very few travelers in these parts, and it is barely populated. Flora and fauna thrives, and it is a suitable place for yaks, snow foxes and mountain goats.

Dragon Clan

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