The Kami were the ten children of Onnotangu and Amaterasu. Onnotangu suspected that one day they might oppose him and decided to eat them. After each devoured child, Amaterasu gave him a cup of sake. At the end, he was so drunk that he didn’t notice that instead of the last child he ate a large stone. This child was Hantei, who grew up in the Celestial Heavens, and one day was ready to face his father. Hantei rescued the other Kami, except for Ryoshun, for whom it was too late. During the battle all of the Kami fell down to Ningen-do through the hole in the heavens.

The Tournament

After the fall, the Kami decided to choose one of them to rule their new realm. They held a tournament to select the most worthy. Hida, the strongest, was defeated by quick and agile Shinjo. Bayushi was no stranger to tricking others and he used Shinjo’s qualities against her. He was defeated by calm and intelligent Shiba. Lady Doji, who observed the way Shiba had fought, defeated him in turn. She, however, was no match for the mighty Akodo, strong warrior and skilled tactician. Akodo had to fall on his knees before Hantei, who became the first Emperor. Enigmatic Togashi refused participating in the tournament, Fu Leng wasn’t able, and Ryoshun was dead, devoured by Onnotangu.

The Kami
by Majushi

After the tournament, each of the Kami began attracting his own followers. Fu Leng, infused with the power of Jigoku, and certain that his siblings left him on his own, gathered a great army with the intent of invading their lands. Dead Ryoshun became a protector of the Spirit Realms. Hantei became Emperor of Rokugan, and the seven other siblings became the founders of the seven Great Clans. They were:

  • Akodo: Founder of the Lion Clan
  • Bayushi: Founder of the Scorpion Clan
  • Doji: Founder of the Crane Clan
  • Fu Leng: Master of the Shadowlands.
  • Hantei: The first Emperor of Rokugan
  • Hida: Founder of the Crab Clan
  • Ryoshun: Protector of the Spirit Realms.
  • Shiba: Founder of the Phoenix Clan
  • Shinjo: Founder of the Unicorn Clan
  • Togashi: Founder of the Dragon Clan


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