Kami no michi

The worship of the Thousand Fortunes is known in Rokugan as “kami no michi”, or “way of the gods”. This is the ancient religion of the Isawa family, spread throughout the empire along with their magical knowledge.


Rokugani believe that the world is filled with spirits, and that these spirits have the power to affect reality and their lives. These spirits range from pervasive forces such as Benten and Bishamon, to more limited forces such as Kenro-ji-jin, to mortals deified by the Emperor posthumously such as Osano-Wo, to individual spirits of the elements residing in the natural world all around. Every rock, river, tree, and mountain has its own mikokami protecting and watching over it.

The fortunes each have two distinct natures. Their beneficial natures bestow blessings on those who have earned their favor, whereas their wrathful natures curse those who have earned their ire. Rokugani are very careful to stay within the good graces of all of the fortunes, no matter how inconsequential the fortune’s position may be. No one — peasant nor emperor — wants to draw the wrath of any of the fortunes.


“Mikokami” means “little god”, and is used to speak of any of the fortunes throughout Rokugan. The different fortunes within kami no michi are divided into several different echelons.

Sun and Moon
The Sun and Moon are considered the highest echelon among the fortunes, and they are easily the most powerful, pervasive, and visible of any of the fortunes.

The Seven Fortunes

The focus of kami no michi does not fall on the Sun and Moon, however, it falls on the seven who came after them. These seven are mighty beings who transcend the world and wield great power.

Other Fortunes

Beyond these nine beings, all other fortunes are categorized together, no matter their purpose or nature. From forces of nature to deified mortals to elemental spirits, all other mikokami are classed similarly.

While these are not as powerful as the Seven Fortunes, attracting their attention is still no small feat. Even the smallest of these beings still has power greater than mortals, and they also have more direct ways of communicating with other, even more powerful beings, interceeding with them on a mortal’s behalf.

Kami no michi

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