Lion Clan

The Lion Clan were the Right Hand of the Emperor, recording the military and political interactions between the Clans. They were the epitome of bushido and the very example of valor. Next to the Seppun family they were most likely to serve as the Emperor’s guardsmen. They composed the greater portion of the Imperial Legions. The Lion Clan was founded by the Kami Akodo.

The Lion Clan was called Hert’chik by the nezumi.


The Lion were the most militant and aggressive of all the clans, revering bushido and loyalty to the Emperor as life’s two most essential governing principles. The Lion’s rigidity and strict adherence to tradition had made diplomatic relations with other clans very difficult, especially with the Crane and Scorpion Clans. To the Lion, an ancestor was more than simply a spirit of the past; they guided the current generation of Lion in their everyday life and shaped destinies. They were more than the Clan’s past – they were its present and future.


The Lion Clan army was widely known for two things: ferocity in battle, and massive size. Over half a million men, organized into many thousands of units, made the Lion army almost double the size of any other army, save perhaps the Unicorn Clan.

The organization of the Lion Clan’s armies reflected the level of discipline with which each Lion samurai directed their daily lives. Although the command structure was incredibly complex, order was strictly defined and enforced. From the youngest Lion bushi to the Lion Clan Champion himself, each and every Lion samurai knew his place and duty in the great war machine that was the Lion army.

The most important distinction within the Lion army was between two families – the Akodo family, and the Matsu family. The rivalry between the two was clearly shown in the prime focus and training of the their armies as much as it was between their individual samurai.

The Akodo Army

The training of Akodo children was begun under the words of their house motto – “Duty, Honor, Leadership”. These three words reflected the belief that strength could be gained when warriors supported each other. Most Akodo drills were designed to emphasize coordinated efforts of two or more bushi working in concert to maximize their combined strengths. Akodo bushi trained constantly to wheel and march on command, and to perform complicated tasks with speed and efficiency.

While every other family in Rokugan relied upon individual glory to fire the martial spirit of their bushi, the Akodo bushi knew that alongside his brothers and sisters he was stronger than his opponent can be. If he tripped, his brother would pick him up. If his sword arm was severed, his sister would step in and fulfill his duty. If his courage should ever falter, his ancestors would bolster him and filled him with the spirit of the Lion Clan. Flowing like water around their opponents’ attacks, an Akodo army deflected the opposing force and crash into them like waves from the mighty ocean.


Lion samurai depended on glory to understand their place in the Celestial Order. To all Akodo, all men were sons of the first Akodo, and all were considered equal in his eyes. Their daimyo was the “eldest son”, the incarnation of Akodo One-Eye. Other Lion must prove their worth to the family, and thus earned their place in the heirarchy, rather than relying solely on birth to bring them glory. The Akodo were more united than almost any other family in Rokugan so this rarely led to bickering and vainglory.

When a soldier rises in rank, his comrades cheered and congratulated him rather than envied that bushi because of his success. This comradeship was part of what it means to be an Akodo, and it was widely known and accepted that to insult a single Akodo was to insult all Akodo.

The Matsu Army

Bushi of the Matsu Bushi school were taught warfare through a series of brutal tests of endurance and courage. Each day was designed to drive weakness out of the prospective bushi, and to shape the chi residing inside the candidate. Bushi who fell were left to lie in the dust, so every student sought to prove his worth. The Matsu army included the specialized forces of the Deathseekers and the Lion’s Pride.

Sword of Akodo
by Majushi

Akodo and Matsu
After the Tournament of the Kami, Akodo went out in search of men and women worthy to stand beside him to protect the Emperor. Each man who stood up to Akodo’s challenge and succeeded, a hundred others tried and failed.

Akodo’s bloody search was said to have been criticized in the courts of the Emperor by those who witnessed it, and some proclaimed him a scourge upon the land of Rokugan. Each year during Hantei’s coronation anniversary, Akodo returned to his brother’s palace with no followers, nor any brilliant generals to lead his waiting armies.

Led by Ikoma and Kitsu, the Lion clan grew slowly. Still, Akodo was not satisfied. The Lady Matsu, who was possibly the greatest mortal warrior known, had not come to be tested. When he finally convinced her to fight, the sky and the earth is said to have shaken.

The Lion Thunder

When the first monk, Shinsei, gathered the seven men and women who would become known as the Seven Thunders, Ikoma Jujinin, eldest of Ikoma’s nine sons, stepped forward. Before he could follow, the Lady Matsu struck him down with a fist to the face. She stood before the monk with a fiery passion burning in her eyes, as if daring anyone to refute her claim. None did, and Lady Matsu became the Lion Clan Thunder.


  • Capital: Kyuden Ikoma
  • Population: 5 280 000 (approx)
  • Military: 292 000 samurai
  • Imports: Raw Materials
  • Exports: Copper


The following are the families of the Lion Clan:

  • Akodo family
  • Ikoma family
  • Kitsu family
  • Matsu family

Schools & Paths


The following are the basic Schools within the Lion Clan:

  • Akodo Bushi
  • Akodo War College
  • Ikoma Omoidasu
  • Ikoma Tactician
  • Ikoma Spymaster
  • Kitsu Shugenja
  • Kitsu Sodan-Senzo
  • Matsu Bushi


The following are the Paths within the Lion Clan:

  • Akodo Elite Guard
  • Akodo Scout
  • Bishamon’s Chosen
  • Fujimaro’s Legion
  • Ikoma Elite Guardian
  • Ikoma Herald
  • Kensai
  • Kitsu Spirit Legion
  • Lion Deathseeker
  • Lion Elite Spearman
  • Lion’s Pride
  • Lion Warden
  • Lioness Legion
  • Matsu Beastmaster
  • Matsu Duelist
  • Matsu Elite Guard
  • Tsuko’s Heart

Lion Clan

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