Scorpion Clan

The Scorpion Clan was founded by the Kami Bayushi. The clan and its members are widely considered to be villainous and untrustworthy by the rest of Rokugan, though they merely attempt to fulfill the duty given to their family by the First Emperor on the day of his ascension.


While the Crane is the Emperor’s left hand and the Lion his right, the Scorpion is often referred to as the Underhand of the Emperor. It is a family of spies, manipulators, and assassins who value loyalty and duty and for whom the ends justify the means. The samurai of the Scorpion clan understand that by dirtying their hands, they ensure that no others need do so.1

Following the Day of Thunder however, the clan gained another important duty. The twelve Black Scrolls used to seal the power of Fu Leng were entrusted to the Scorpion for safekeeping. The shugenja of the Yogo family have traditionally been the guardians of the Scrolls, adding to their sinister reputation, though only the Bayushi daimyo himself knows the location of all twelve.

*Culture *


All Scorpion samurai wear masks, as the Kami Bayushi did, to honor their immortal founder. The style of the mask varies wildly by the wielder, and is always an extremely personal choice. Scorpion take their masks very seriously, and some would no sooner be seen without their mask than without their daisho.

Scorpion Clan

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