Twenty Questions

1. What Clan Does Your Character Belong To?

2. How Would Others Describe Your Character’s Appearance?

3. Is Your Character a Bushi, Shugenja, Monk, or Courtier.

4. What Family Does Your Character Belong To?

5. What is Your Character’s Main Motivation?

6. Who is The Person Your Character Trusts Most?

7. What is Your Character’s Greatest Strength? Greatest Weakness?

8. What Does Your Character Think of Bushido?

9. What is Your Character’s Opinion of His Own Clan?

10. Is Your Character Married

11. Does Your Character Have any Prejudices?

12. To Whom Does Your Character Owe the Most Loyalty?

13. What Are Your Character’s Favorite and Least Favorite Things?

14. Does Your Character Have Any Recurring Mannerisms?

15. What About Your Character’s Emotions?

16. How Would Your Character handle A Subordinate’s Improper Behavior?

17. How Would Your Character’s Parents Describe Him?

18. What Is Your Character’s Highest Ambition?

19. How Religious Is Your Character?

20. If You Could, What Advice Would You Give Your Character?

Twenty Questions

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