Kakita Toshimoko

Josh's Character


Male Human Kakita Samurai 4
Size – Medium
Initiative – 4(6 katana)
Speed – 30(20 armor)
AC – 18
HP – 52
1d10(19-20×2) Attack – melee/ranged 9(11 with init)
Honor – 3
Glory -

Fort – +7
Ref – +5
Will – +8

Str – 18
Dex – 18
Con – 16
Int – 18
Wis – 18
Cha – 18

Height – 5’6"
Weight – 150 lbs.
Eye Color – Blue
Hair Color – White

Battle 8
Craft (Calligraphy) 11
Diplomacy 11
Iaijutsu Focus 11
Intimidate 7
Knowledge (heraldry) 7
Perform 11
Ride 7
Sense Motive 11
Swim 7
Tea Ceremony 11

Void Use
Weapon Focus (katana)
Way of the Crane
Sudden Strike
Power Attack – Iaijutsu (+1d6 iaijutsu damage)


Possessions of Note: Ancestor Katana +1


Twenty Questions

1. What Clan Does Your Character Belong To? Crane

2. How Would Others Describe Your Character’s Appearance? Slender and fair of face, with long white hair and piercing blue eyes.

3. Is Your Character a Bushi, Shugenja, Monk, or Courtier. Bushi

4. What Family Does Your Character Belong To? Kakita

5. What is Your Character’s Main Motivation? To bring honor to himself and his clan.

6. Who is The Person Your Character Trusts Most? His daimyo

7. What is Your Character’s Greatest Strength? Greatest Weakness? Toshimoko’s greatest strength and possibly his greatest weakness is his self-confidence. He always strives to be the best Samurai possible, but sometimes his disdain for people he views as inferior samurai shows.

8. What Does Your Character Think of Bushido? It is his goal and lifestyle. Every Samurai in Rokugan should adhere to bushido.

9. What is Your Character’s Opinion of His Own Clan? The Crane are the greatest clan in Rokugan.

10. Is Your Character Married? Yes

11. Does Your Character Have any Prejudices? Ronin

12. To Whom Does Your Character Owe the Most Loyalty? his Daimyo

13. What Are Your Character’s Favorite and Least Favorite Things? Toshimoko has a great fondness for works of art and beauty, and a parallel disdain and hatred for things “ugly” or “dirty”

14. Does Your Character Have Any Recurring Mannerisms? Toshimoko will often use a tea ceremony as a form of meditation at the end of the day, to gather his thoughts.

15. What About Your Character’s Emotions? Toshimoko strives not to show emotion unless it serves his purposes or his clan.

16. How Would Your Character handle A Subordinate’s Improper Behavior? Toshimoko would instruct the subordinate in the code of bushido or the way that Toshimoko thinks they should have behaved, and if the behavior continues, dismiss the subordinate.

17. How Would Your Character’s Parents Describe Him? A dutiful son and samurai with a strict moral code.

18. What Is Your Character’s Highest Ambition? To become a lord and possibly a daimyo

19. How Religious Is Your Character? Toshimoko believes in the gods and the kami, but has dedicated his life more to bushido.

20. If You Could, What Advice Would You Give Your Character? Just because someone doeosn’t meet your expectations doesn’t mean they don’t have worth.

Kakita Toshimoko

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