Mike's character


Male Human Ronin (Former Akodo) Samurai 4
Size – Medium
Initiative – +4
Speed – 30
AC – 18
HP – 52
XXX Attack – melee/ranged XXX
Honor – 3
Glory -

Fort – +7
Ref – +5
Will – +4

Str – 19
Dex – 18
Con – 16
Int – 17
Wis – 10
Cha – 16

Height – 5’9"
Weight – 160 lbs.
Eye Color – Dark Brown
Hair Color – Black
Small vertical scar on left cheek

Battle 8
Climb 8
Diplomacy 10
Iaijutsu Focus 10
Intimidate 7
Jump 6
Ride 7
Sense Motive 7
Swim 8
Tea Ceremony 3

Death Trance
Way of the Lion
Ki Shout


Possessions of Note: Ancestor Katana +1


( Twenty Questions )
1. What Clan Does Your Character Belong To? None. Formerly Lion.

2. How Would Others Describe Your Character’s Appearance? Unpolished masculinity, gruffly handsome

3. Is Your Character a Bushi, Shugenja, Monk, or Courtier? Bushi

4. What Family Does Your Character Belong To? With the dissolution of the Akodo family, which Nobunaga was once a part of, he has no official family, though he still feels strongly for other former Akodo.

5. What is Your Character’s Main Motivation? Regain honor, help to restore the Akodo family.

6. Who is The Person Your Character Trusts Most? Emporer Toturi I. He must have his reasons for not reinstating his former family upon ascending to the throne.

7. What is Your Character’s Greatest Strength? Greatest Weakness? His greatest strength is his ability to endure physical, mental and emotional hardship, however this ties into his greatest weakness: not understanding his own limitations.

8. What Does Your Character Think of Bushido? Bushido is how a samurai lives, and how he was raised. Questioning Bushido is as useful as questioning the sun.

9. What is Your Character’s Opinion of His Own Clan? Being Ronin is a lesson that must be fully understood and welcomed. Maybe Toturi agrees, and that is why the Akodo have yet to be restored? As for his former Clan, his time as a ronin has brought about missing the close-knit warmth of the Lion, but also wonder if maybe feeling safe has made him less so in life.

10. Is Your Character Married? No.

11. Does Your Character Have any Prejudices? Once had many prejudices, but life as a ronin has changed this, and now he focuses on learning about individuals.

12. To Whom Does Your Character Owe the Most Loyalty? The Emporer.

13. What Are Your Character’s Favorite and Least Favorite Things? His favorite possession is his great armor, which he no longer wears as it is Lion Clan colors. (he doesn’t consider is daisho to be a thing) His least favorite thing is people taking advantage of others that cannot defend themselves due to station, strength, or mind.

14. Does Your Character Have Any Recurring Mannerisms? Smokes tobacco from a pipe, tends to scratch at cheek stubble when thinking.

15. What About Your Character’s Emotions? Usually the only emotion that Nobunaga expresses is anger.

16. How Would Your Character handle A Subordinate’s Improper Behavior? Verbal chastisement for minor improprieties, up to physical punishment for severe ones.

17. How Would Your Character’s Parents Describe Him? A strong-willed young man well-suited to tactics and warfare.

18. What Is Your Character’s Highest Ambition? Be instrumental in the restoration of the Akodo family.

19. How Religious Is Your Character? Barely.

20. If You Could, What Advice Would You Give Your Character? It’s okay to relax and be a little less serious, sometimes.


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