Togashi Kokobo

Ise Zumi


5’3’’ short hair, wears simple pants and shirt.


Raised in Monastery from age of 3 until 17. Spent 3 years as wandering monk, visiting shrines and small towns, monasteries and cities. Spent time as cleaning woman in brothel for 2 months. Joined legion one week ago.

1. What Clan Does Your Character Belong To? – Togashi

2. How Would Others Describe Your Character’s Appearance? Small and unassuming

3. Is Your Character a Bushi, Shugenja, Monk, or Courtier. Monk

4. What Family Does Your Character Belong To? Togashi

5. What is Your Character’s Main Motivation? To find the answers to life’s eternal questions

6. Who is The Person Your Character Trusts Most? The cook at the Monastery

7. What is Your Character’s Greatest Strength? Greatest Weakness? Pride, humilty, both are the greatest of both.

8. What Does Your Character Think of Bushido? It is part of the world I live in.

9. What is Your Character’s Opinion of His Own Clan? It tries very hard.

10. Is Your Character Married No.

11. Does Your Character Have any Prejudices? Probably, something but I can’t think of any.

12. To Whom Does Your Character Owe the Most Loyalty? Everyone, herself.

13. What Are Your Character’s Favorite and Least Favorite Things? Hot baths. Indegestion.

14. Does Your Character Have Any Recurring Mannerisms? Not that I know of.

15. What About Your Character’s Emotions? A little subdued, but have had moments to get a little weepy when angry or sad.

16. How Would Your Character handle A Subordinate’s Improper Behavior? Gently but firmly. Not giving any extra attention to it.

17. How Would Your Character’s Parents Describe Him? Dunno. Orphaned

18. What Is Your Character’s Highest Ambition? Enlightenment

19. How Religious Is Your Character? Pretty damn religious

20. If You Could, What Advice Would You Give Your Character? You ain’t enlightened yet!

Togashi Kokobo

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