The Time Of Blades and Magic

Starting the campaign

In the barracks

The first squad of the first rank of the first file of the first legion is preparing to head out to the assist the Emerald Magistrates. Can they help bring order to Empire or will they make it worst.

We are introduced to their Gunso Hida Yoto and their Commander Kitsu Dejiko.

The order the party is given is to travel to Crab lands and assist with maintaining order. However, they will not have the power of the Magistrates to enforce laws.

After a very excellent tea ceremony performed by Kakita Toshimoko that is enjoyed by over 90 people, the unit is order to wait for farther orders as their Gunso was trying to get out of joining the unit.

Joining Hida Yoto for drinking, the party meets a crab samurai in the sake bar that takes offense to the ronin’s pipe smoke. Both Isawa and the ronin engage is ‘informing’ the crab samurai that they will not be bullied. The samurai orders drinks for them. When they ask the servants who their ‘new friend’ is, they are surprised to find that the Crab Clan Daimyo had just left.

They are ordered to Clear Water Village in Crab lands to establish their base of operations and then report to Kyuden Hida to present their Writ.

They leave, stopping in a small village for sleep and food. While bathing, the Isawa is quoted to say, when asked if he had to meditate in fire, “We did have to.”


‘or make it worst.’ to ‘or make it worse?’
Isawa Hito said “We didn’t have to.”

Starting the campaign
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