The Time Of Blades and Magic

The Investigation begin and ends

After a brief private discussion among the party, the investigator, Kakita Yoto, returns to share both good and bad news. The bad news is the there are about twelve individuals that can place the party are the scene of the crime. The good news is that those witnesses are not samurai. Kakita Yoto informs the party that they are under house arrest. They are lead to a new hunt. A servant stops by to ask if they party needs anything. They ask for food, water and a go board.

Nobunaga & Kakita Toshimoko play several games of go.
Kakita Toshioko & Isawa Hito have a heraldry contest.

The servant returns with more food and a message. The magistrate will not arrive until tomorrow. A bath has been arranged for them this evening as well.

The guards take the party for their bath. They return.

A geisha arrives and is obviously nervous. After one song, she is dismissed. The party then goes to sleep.

Kakita Kaze arrives. He wakes the party and tells them that they will need to be ready to speak to him on this case in one hour. He leaves.

When they arrive, they are served a meal as they begin questioning. During questioning, Iwasa shares their official writ of office. Kaze stops the questioning and orders he part to his room at the inn. So he tells then they are free to go and warns they to not return for a while as they may have enemies here.


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