The Time Of Blades and Magic

The next part of the journey

After the troop does some shopping (for clothes, a long bow, some cherry blossom tobacco) the party learns that there is going a high level duel at the dueling school. Kakita informs the party.

The party leaves for the dueling school. The troop is the first to arrive at the school and is seated in the worst spot possible.

At the same time, Utaku Kiekachi finishes riding into town to catch up with the party.

The party watches the handshaking and sitting arrangements. Also the party fills in the new party member of their job duties. When the duel finally starts, there is 30 minutes of the two duelist sizing each other up until one of the instructors/duelist resigns from the duel.

As the party is leaving, a servant asks them to follow and leads the party to the eating area of the school. They are asked to join the celebratory banquet and they accept.

During the meal, a courtier of the Katika Daimyo thanks the troop for joining the party and offers to put them up at the school for the night. The troop agrees.

After the troop heads off to a bath they return to to the party for dessert.

During a conversation with another courtier it is discovered the Miruimoto Hitomi has called for an end of the Togoshi family. The courtier warns the monk to be careful.

A servant then leads the troop to the ‘Tiger Hut’ instructor quarters where they will spend the night but the servant doesn’t lead them all the way to the hut but just points the way. Iwasa orders Nobunaga to check out the hut and he finds a dead body.

Iwasa and Kakita leave the rest of the troop to guard and go looking for the Kakita Daimyo. They meet the courtier from earlier who takes over the matter. He sends a troop of samurai to take control of the hut. After a tense moment between the commander of the troop and with Nobunaga, the ronin steps aside. He, the Utaku and the Togoshi wait for orders to leave.

Nobunaga asks Utaku to go and find Iwasa and the troop gathers and are escorted to to an inn under guard until the can be quested the next day.

After a quick bath and meal, the troop is lead back to the school for questioning. The Kakita that was hitting on the Utaku, Kakita Yoto, turns out to be the investigator and he admits that the victim is Kakita’s teacher.


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